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We offer full-time and part-time daycare for children from 14 months to four years old and specialize in preparing toddlers for full-time school.

Our Mission

Mountain Nursery School (MNS) has been serving Hamilton families since 1998.

MNS provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment for all children attending, as well as lots of support for their families.

We are devoted to promoting the health, safety and well-being of all children in our care. All our staff are experienced and have graduated from Early Childhood Education programs. We specialize in preparing young children for full-day learning.

Strictly adhering to the Day Nurseries Act of Ontario requirements, we ensure all children in our care have a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn, play and explore!

Mountain Nursery School is an independent child care and early learning facility fully licensed by the Ministry of Education, child care and early years act, 2014.

See What Some Hamilton Parents Have to Say About Their Daycare Experience With Us!

Your daycare is amazing. My child is well educated and ready for preschool, the food is super tasty and like all other parents I have to compete with Karol's cooking. Teresa, the owner, hires great staff and keeps the place in tip top shape. Extremely great daycare and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for fabulous and compassionate child care. Thank you all!
To all the staff at Mountain Nursery, Thank you for caring & teaching Joshua over the past couple years. Each one of you has played a special part and we appreciate you. This is a wonderful school and we are glad Joshua could come and learn & grow here.
Dirani Family
Thank you to everyone for taking care of Kaya when she was happy or sad; cranky and sick. You all made a difference in her life.
Pona Family
I can't say enough about this place. The staff are amazing! They are nurturing and caring and make you feel so comfortable leaving your child with them. My son has blossomed since starting at Mountain Nursery School. Thank you to the staff for all that you do, you are the best!
Maggio Family
Dear Teacher Teresa, It has been such a pleasure associating with you. Your daycare is beautiful and well taken care of and the teachers are great “I got to hand it to you”. Their food was great as well, thanks to your husband, Karol. I had to compete with the meals he used to prepare for the kids. Aleram always said that they tasted better than the food I made!!! Thank so much!”
Your daycare is beautiful and well taken care of. The food was great, and I had to compete with your chef because my son always said that the food at the daycare tasted better than mine.
Loving Parent